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Party Wall

The Party Wall Agreement procedure is in place to ensure that both the building owner and the adjoining owner are legally protected before, during and after the works. In order to ensure this a Party Wall Surveyor will consider the building owner's work from the perspective of the adjoining owner's property. The Party Wall Surveyor will ensure the potential risk is as low as it can possibly be, while also ensuring all the logistics of the works have been considered thereby avoiding disputes between the owners.


A Full Building Survey is the most comprehensive and detailed pre-purchase survey that you can undertake in advance of purchasing the property.

Building Project

Fusioned with a vast network in building trade, we can help you to put together a tailor-made project team which can complete truely End-to-End grande designs.


With expert knowledge of the planning system and building process, our team of Architects specialise in creating planning drawings that are achievable and realistic, making it easy for your local council to reach a decision, helping you achieve Planning Permission first time.

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