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ÎÒÃǵÄÔ±¹¤ Our Staff

Most of staff are in and around Greater London area, which primarily we are serving for.

At GPW, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. It is this focus which informs the services we provide and the decisions we make.

GPW's Purpose - to be essential - and our Values - dedication to every client's success, innovation that matters and personal responsibility in all relationships, serve as the foundation of our culture and brand. It's the "why" of GPW. As we enter a new era for our industry and our planet, our CEO has asked, "What will we make of this moment - as businesses, as individuals, as societies?".

CCO (Chief Consulting Officer)

RICS, ABE, ICE, PWFS - over 15 years of industry experience

25 years of Corporate Management experience

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